The Team

Graeme Downes

Graeme Downes

Over 7 years of experience working in mobile application and web development projects in Barbados, the United States and Canada for companies such as the Pan American Health Organisation, SIDEARM Sports and Bluerush Media Group. Graeme has completed projects for various academic, non-profit and financial institutions. These projects include streaming media and mobile applications for Syracuse University, Cornell University and Rutgers University. He has also worked on analytical tools and financial calculators for CIBC, Manulife Financial and the John Hancock Financial Network.

Graeme was awarded a Barbados Exhibition scholarship after completing his Associate’s Degree in Computer Studies at the Barbados Community College. He has attained a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Economics from York University in Toronto, Canada and a Master of Science in Information Technology Management from Syracuse University in New York.

Jamal Holder

JamalJamal is a 28 year old Barbadian with a background in Business and Information Technology. He has attained an Associate’s Degree in Computer Studies from the Barbados Community College as well as a Bachelor’s in Management from the University of the West Indies. His career began as an IT facilitator and now holds the title of Systems Manager at Oran Ltd. He has worked on various projects including the implementation of production, manufacturing and notebook cloning systems.

His interests lie in the application of emerging technologies, e-commerce as well as social and cultural networking.


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